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Over the last few decades, companies in our nation have constantly been under pressure and
have been challenged by management environmental difficulties such as aging population
combined with the diminishing number of children, globalization and domestic hollowing-out,
and economic and financial problems. We believe that the basis of confronting these risks
for a company rests on a management which is ‘able to create and provide
customer-based values’.

The Japan Quality Award Council was established in June 1996 to recognize and support
excellence in management performance, and its activity is centered on the administration
of the Japan Quality Award. Similar activity programs are carried out globally; in over 70
countries worldwide and more than 17 countries in Asia. In Japan, over 1200 members
in 24 regions participate in the program.

The Council hopes to support companies striving for management innovation by offering
two types of services under easily understandable themes ‘Interesting!’ and ‘Can Do!’;
1)training and education, and 2)consultation, check/analysis tool and third-party evaluation.

Examples of staged services for a company to continuously generate successful
management results include:

・Half-day introductory seminars targeting CEOs of small- and medium-sized companies
and divisional managers of large companies to become true leaders of the management

・A members-only events such as “Japan Quality Award-winners’ gathering party”,
“Japan Quality Award Council meeting”, a visit-tour of Japan Quality Award-winners as
a benchmark company

・Regular sessions of Japan Quality Award introductory seminar (top management lecture,
new quality management assessment benchmark, management quality improvement session)

・Training sessions for improving assessment ability (finding management issues,
clarifying strength and weakness of the organization)

・Organization structuring service, supporting management to be able to paint its vision,
build strategy and carryout actions according to plan to solve its issues

・Provide programs for a third-party to evaluate such management innovation activities
We sincerely hope to serve companies seeking to “improve management to center on
customer values”, “train employees to think as the management”, and “receive objective
evaluation of its management activities”. Our gratitude goes to our current members for
their understanding and support, and we look forward to welcoming new members
who would join our program.

President: Mr. Tomijiro Morita
 (Special Advisor, The Daiichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd.)